NEWS FLASH (May 10, 2021): I’ve had another story accepted in the anthology Noise of a Quiet House. Expected publication is July 1, 2021. My story is titled “Aunt Mary.”

NEWS FLASH: I’ve had a short story accepted for inclusion in the BOULD anthology, scheduled for publication in November, 2021! My story is titled “Reservations Required.”

Due to the pandemic, right now I’m not doing in-person events.  I certainly hope that will be changing soon. In the meantime, I’ve done a couple of Zoom events but don’t have any scheduled for the moment. I do have a few guest blog appearances coming up:

March 3
Pam Thibodeaux’s Words with Friends Blog

April 15
Amber Daulton’s blog

May 18
Finding the Write Words Blog

June 11
Amber Daulton’s blog