Until Dawn
A Supernatural Anthology
Red Penguin Press
Sept. 3, 2021

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My story is titled “The Dog and the Dead Man.”

Lyana is both a witch and a Crime Scene Investigator for the Metro Washington D.C. police department, but her latest case, the murder of a prominent local philanthropist is going to test her ability to keep the two callings separate. The murdered man had a bit of magical talent himself, and it’s clear that the crime could only have been committed using magic.


No Time for Mistakes (No Brides Club #15 or 16) is due for release October 8 from Sweet Promise Press.  I don’t have a cover or buy links for it yet, but here’s the blurb:

Lisa Harper comes from a well-to-do family, but she’s worked hard for her success in the advertising business. Offered the opportunity to propose a career-making ad series for the largest client she’d ever worked with, Lisa is determined not to let anything undermine the presentation she’s labored to put together.

She’s immediately challenged by the disconcerting resemblance of one of the client team members to the former fiancé who dumped her three weeks before the wedding. Then equipment she checked and re-checked refuses to work. Nonetheless, her company wins the account.

But that’s just the beginning of the obstacles she faces. Now she has to pull off what she’s promised, and that will require all her effort and concentration. With a tight budget and schedule, she can’t afford any more glitches or problems. A personal relationship with the client company’s handsome marketing director is out of the question, surely, no matter how well they get along or the near-irresistible attraction between them. With her career on the line, Lisa has no time for mistakes.

Also Coming Soon: Box sets of all of the No Brides Club stories.  Those will include No Time for Surprises (Box set 2) and No Time for Regrets (Box set 4).

My most recent release:

Light, Sweet, Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Amazon Kindle ($3.99 or FREE in Kindle Unlimited)   Paperback ($9.99)

When Samantha “Sam” Dennis’s life implodes, she flees her hometown for a fresh start in New York City. Her cousin Julie helps her get settled and introduces her to her friends in the No Brides Club—other women who’ve sworn off love to concentrate on their careers. She gladly joins the club as she spends her days waitressing at a cafe and nights attending an online business school.

But then Matt Sentori walks into the cafe.

Matt has his own tragic history, and Sam is reluctantly drawn to him, even if he is a lawyer just like her ex. He makes it clear he’s interested in her, but when his law firm gets involved in the sale of the apartment building she lives in, which will displace all the tenants, Sam is more convinced than ever to commit herself to the No Brides Club.

Matt wants to win back her trust by showing he’s not the same uncaring creep as her ex, despite their shared profession. Finding ways to help the most desperate and needy tenants who share her building seems a good way to do it, but dealing with her neighbors and their problems will test Matt’s and Sam’s ability to trust each other as well as their growing love.

When Sam finally puts her life back together, will there be room for Matt in her heart?