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Home for Holidays
A Christmas Romance Anthology
November, 2021
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My story is “The Ghosts of Christmas Present”

Going home for Christmas is not at the top of Lyndsay Williams’ list of things she wants to do, but when her foster brother Josh asks her to come, she agrees, though Lyndsay and the rest of her foster family have never been close. She arrives to find that Josh has also invited his best friend Aaron Hampton to join them. Lyndsay had a crush on Aaron growing up. At Josh’s wedding, she and Aaron found a special connection, only to have their reunion end in disastrous humiliation. Really, she’d hoped never to see Aaron again. The holiday promises to be memorable, though possibly for all the wrong reasons.


No Time for Mistakes (No Brides Club Series)
October 8, 2021
Sweet Promise Press
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As an ad designer, she puts all of her focus on her career. Now if only she wasn’t so irresistibly attracted to her new client’s marketing director…

When Lisa Harper is offered the career-defining job of creating an ad series for her largest client to date, she vows to get the work done without any distractions. That was before she met a member of their team who brings up painful memories that threaten to sidetrack her from her goals.

Eric has no idea that he bears a striking resemblance to the fiancé who dumped Lisa a few weeks before her wedding. Despite their tight deadline for finishing the project, the more he works with this attractive advertising exec, the more time he wants to spend with her.

As glitches and obstacles abound, Lisa and Eric are unable to deny their instant mutual attraction, but she has no time for mistakes. Can Lisa resist taking a chance with a personal relationship when her career is on the line?


Crunchy with Chocolate
An Anthology of Dragon Stories
October, 2021
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My story is titled “The Princess and the Dragon

If you think this story is a standard handsome knight rescues damsel from fierce dragon tale, think again. Here are the first three paragraphs to give you the flavor:

Suppose that, like Cyndrith, you happen to be the child of an ambitious mother joined to an insolvent father, a young lady of high birth, better than average looks, and broad but unorthodox education. As fate twists—only slightly assisted by your own and Aunt Vellie’s peculiar talents—you catch the eye of a neighboring prince at a time when he’s under pressure from the relatives to consider his duties. Your problems are solved. Right?

But further suppose that you do the obvious and necessary, you snag your man, and then you wake up the next day or week or month to find the honeymoon is over and you discover that your handsome, charming husband is a terrific dancer but an incompetent prince? And worse yet, your father-in-law, overjoyed that junior is finally settling down to business, and having just enough mens sanus left to realize that he’s losing it, decides to retire to Bath to take the waters, leaving the kingdom in the hands of your sweet but unqualified husband.

Cyndrith found the literature dealing with her particular problem scarce; the old legends insisted that everyone tended to live happily ever after, but her story looked likely to be a short, brutal tale — a leader who is hazy on the difference between cavalry and chivalry can generally expect an early and traumatic retirement.

Clearly, Cyndrith will have to take care of her own rescues, including confronting a rather unusual dragon!


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