Winter has arrived in Greensboro

On Sunday it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. Sunday evening it turned to ice and freezing rain, but by Monday morning it was snowing again. In all we had somewhere over a foot of snow. You northerners may scoff, but this is North Carolina, y’all, and that’s a LOT of snow for us.

Taken from my back door during the storm.

Today, Tuesday morning, most of the snow is still there-covering walkways and everything else. The main road in front the house has seen a single snowplow go through, making one lane passable. The road beside the house (we live on a corner) hasn’t been plowed at all and only a few cars have braved the effort.

Yesterday my husband helped a driver who got stuck trying to make the turn onto the road beside the house. He didn’t have snow tires and his low-slung car couldn’t push through the snow.

My side yard and my poor, bedraggled rose garden, buried. As you can this road hasn’t been plowed at all.

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