What I Love About November

It’s the second week of November, and even here in North Carolina the weather has turned cooler. Here are some of the things I really love about Fall as it progresses toward winter.

1. The change of weather! Summers are long, hot and humid here. Autumn brings crisp, cool air and brilliant blue skies.

2. Getting out the winter clothes.

3. Football – Go Panthers! Go Patriots! Go Duke!  (Amazing that I can say that this year.)

4. Basketball – Go Duke! Love college basketball, don’t care much for the pro game.

5. Beautiful trees, blazing orange, yellow and red, and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot as I walk.

6. Holiday baking. I cook my Halloween pumpkin and use it to make pumpkin bread, muffins and cookies. Plus I start baking Christmas cookies in November and load the freezer with them.

7. Christmas shopping. I do most of it online, but I love shopping for my family for Christmas without the pressure of the last-minute push.

8. Fires in the fireplace.

9. Cleaning up the tired plants from the garden and preparing it for next year.

10. Thanksgiving! The overlooked holiday is one of my favorites. The focus on family, getting together and enjoying each other makes it a wonderful time.

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