New Dragons in my Collection and Links to Many More

The Newest Dragonish Arrival in my Home:

This is the original art for the book cover shown below. Unfortunately the colors don’t show up as well as they should in my photograph. They’re really beautifully vivid. More like the cover below but even it is a bit faded. This was a gift from my son, and it’s now framed and hanging on the wall of my office. The artist is the extraordinary Peter Dennis.

Here’s the book:

A must-have for anyone who loves dragons!  (Full disclosure: the author, Joseph A. McCullough, is my son)

My husband point me to this wonderful, wonderful dragon pic:

And even better, directions for how he put the image together:

And click here for an epic gallery of dragons from Tor Book covers

And finally, there are lots more dragons on the Dragons page of my website!

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