Books Gone Bad Bundle

My novella, Guardian of the Grimoire, is part of the Books Gone Bad Bundle, available from BundleRabbit and other major ebook outlets.

Books make the world a better place. They are, perhaps, the only thing you can buy that actually make you richer. As Stephen King says, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

But what if it were actually true? What if there was actual magic emanating from a book itself? What if a book was sentient? What if a book could actually interact in our world? What if there is something a bit more evil or sinister lurking in the pages?

What if a book doesn’t just open up a world of possibilities to a reader, but, instead, brings the reader into that world? And what about the people for whom books are a central part of their lives? How do they interact with, or perhaps, include books in their magic, their schemes, their lives? How do they protect the infinite possibilities that books store and provide?

This bundle of about 260,000 words from 10 short stories and 2 novels includes explorations of books and the world of books that include magical, supernatural, science fiction or speculative elements. Book nerds will love these tales, but that enjoyment might also come with a twist that makes you think twice about the ultimate power held by that seemingly benevolent tome sitting on your bookshelves or lurking in your Kindle reader.

Save more than 30% off of the regular price by getting all of these awesome book-themed titles bundled together.

Pay a minimum of $6.99 USD and receive all 10 ebooks.

Order here!


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