Baseball and Geekdom – Awesome combination

How amazing and wonderful is this?

Labor Day weekend is traditionally Dragon*Con weekend in Atlanta. It’s a huge, utterly wonderful science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and costume convention that sprawls over three or four downtown hotels with lots of programming, gaming and people roaming around in amazing costumes.

This year the Atlanta Braves baseball team is running a cross-promotion with Dragon*con, Dragon*con night at Turner Field. It includes transportation from hotels to the field and back, and a pre-game costume parade.

And check out the Braves’ game promo:


Do you know the biggest difference between an Atlanta Braves game and Dragon*Con? Is it the elevator lines? Nope. We’ve got those. A plethora of spirited beverages? Two words: Beer Island. Is it a gathering of 50,000 people in a small space wearing themed t-shirts? We do that 81 times a year. Puppet janitors? …I’m going to say we have some too and challenge you to prove us wrong.

No, the biggest difference between a Braves game and Dragon*Con is fresh air! We’ve got it, so come out and get some sweet O2 that you won’t likely experience again until Monday.

The Atlanta Braves are hosting Dragon*Con Night against the Cleveland Indians on Thursday, August 29 with a portion of the ticket sales going to the 2013 official Dragon*Con charities: Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Georgia Conservancy, and Marcus Autism Center. Tickets start at just $7. First pitch will be thrown by a special D*C guest and in-game entertainment will be “geeked up” all night.  Come dressed up because all costumed guests are invited to join us in a pregame parade around the field!

Bus transportation will be provided from host hotels starting at 4:30 with the pre-game parade starting around 6:00.

Locations Price
Upper Pavilion $7
Upper Box $13
Outfield Pavilion $18
Terrace Reserved $22
*portion of the proceeds benefiting the 2013 charities.

Those opting to use their own mode of transportation should adhere to the following:  Cars and similar earth vehicles may pay to use any guest parking lot at Turner Field.  Tardis, Luck Dragon, Doom Buggy and Zeppelin parking is in the Blue Lot while AT-ST, Warthog and Firefly class vehicles should use the Orange Lot.  Anyone traveling by broomstick, ocarina or portals needs to arrive in Monument Grove at least 90 minutes prior to first pitch.  Other transports need to show a multipass for all passengers upon arrival.  So Say We All.

Karen’s note: Damn, I wish I was going this year!

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