Six Sentences From Guardian of the Grimoire

Guardian_125Six sentences from my Gothic novella, Guardian of the Grimoire:

1.. The gargoyle sitting over the library’s main entrance twitched its wings and leaned down to look at her as she rushed up the stairs.

2.That evening, as Jess returned from her dinner break, Carrie looked up from the computer at the main desk and said, “Your boyfriend just came in.”

3 & 4. Other than the visits from the nursing homes and retirement communities, five adults rarely came in at the same time, clearly together. Worse yet, one of them was the Reverend Damon Ryder, the man who’d probably left the sign on the door that morning.

5. “That guy’s trouble,” Carrie said, looking after the Reverend, “But your boyfriend might be, too.”

6. “This isn’t going to be easy to explain, and it’s probably going to be harder for you to believe,” Gabe said.

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