Little Free Libraries

I live in a neighborhood that borders on the campus of the UNC-Greensboro. It’s a nice modest, suburban area with well-maintained homes, sidewalks, and interesting neighbors. My husband and I walk a mile or so each day, weather permitting, and we always say hello to a number of people in the neighborhood who are out walking themselves, working in their yards or just sitting on porches.

Most of you are likely familiar with Little Free Libraries.  It’s a great idea and our neighborhood has a number of them. We pass a couple no matter which way we walk. I like to stop and look at what’s available, though I rarely take a book out. I already have a towering pile of books to read beside my chair and let’s don’t even talk about my Kindle! But it’s fun to see what kinds of treasure are available.

Here’s an example of one in our neighborhood that’s been nicely decorated in a natural way:library1But recently we ran across a new little free library that trumps any I’ve seen so far. It’s built from an old grandfather clock casing and then painted in a wild array of colors with assorted other embellishments added. You can click on the pictures below for larger images.

library2a library2b

I love it, but I have a question: Why the pink umbrella?  Anyone want to take a guess?


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