An Amazing Christmas Present

quilt2In late April, I got a late Christmas present from my sister-in-law that was so incredibly awesome, it would’ve been worth a much longer wait.  I have to share it here.

I was just flabbergasted when I unwrapped the package and unfolded this.

Yes, it’s a quilt, with bookshelves and embroidered on some of the covers are the titles of my books, sometimes in the same font the publisher used for the title itself! How amazing is that?

The amount of work, time, love and attention that went into creating this still leaves almost speechless.  Lauren McCullough, you are awesome!

This actually has the titles of each of my published novels,  embroidered on some of the book covers.

I’ve included closer-up views of some of the books below.





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3 Responses to An Amazing Christmas Present

  1. Linda Thorne says:

    It’s beautiful. Ten years ago when I published my first short story and won 2nd place, one of my daughters (step daughters) framed the cover of that magazine’s edition and also the first inside page with my winner banner and my author name along with a gold-like plaque with a congratulations message. It’s totally different than what you got and I doubt she made it herself but the thoughtfulness and personalization was very touching. I understand how you must feel. I doubt you’ll ever pack this beauty away.

    • Karen McCullough says:

      Thanks, Linda! Framing the magazine where your story appeared, along with the winner banner is a wonderfully thoughtful gift as well. No, I can’t imagine ever packing this away.